Commitment to Quality and Integrity

Thank you for your interest in RPS Engineering. Many of you are good friends, familiar with RPS and its commitment to quality and integrity, others may be taking a first look at RPS. In either case, we appreciate your interest and ultimately your business. Your consideration of RPS Engineering's product is truly appreciated.

Industrial Cover Systems Manufacturing Leader

We were founded in 1975 by Richard Stanis and currently headquartered in Elgin, Illinois. RPS has evolved into a multi-million dollar operation. It now produces a wide variety of industrial covering systems. We are able to accommodate most any industrial or municipal requirements.

We Produce Conveyor Belt Covers, Roofing or Siding, and Covers and Domes

We believe we have the capability to satisfy most industrial or architectural covering requirements; whether it be conveyor belt covers, roofing or siding, or covers and domes. RPS continually analyzes pricing, buying and manufacturing procedures to assure you the best value for your dollar.

Let our 42 years of experience be put to work for you!

Waste Water
View our full line of cover systems; flat panel, launder covers, domes, weirs and baffles.
Conveyor Covers
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Roofing & Siding
See how RPS Engineering’s roofing and siding solutions can meet the needs of your next project.